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If you are planning on hosting friends and family this festive season, you will already be thinking about your menu and what to serve up on the big day. Whether you go for the classic Turkey with all the trimmings or choose an alternative, there is one thing that will guarantee all your guests are satisfied and having a good time…great wine!

Husky Lifestyle, a family business who have become experts in wine and refrigeration over the years, recommends making sure you have some beautifully chilled refreshments close at hand for every situation and has developed a guide to help you pick that perfection combination this year:   



If you prefer the traditional turkey option with English accompaniments (such as pigs in blankets), then a full-bodied white wine such as a Chardonnay would work well here. Chardonnay is best served chilled between 8°-11°C to ensure you maximise the flavour.



Roast beef or game:

Full bodied wines complement heavier, rich foods. So if you are serving game or a beef dish over the festive period, then look to pair it with reds such as Burgundy or Claret. The optimum temperature to store red wine is between 14°-18°C.




If you’re serving Salmon this winter then something a little lighter and delicate such as a Chablis would work well. The dry white wine adds a crisp and refreshing aroma to most fish dishes.

Equally, you could try a New Zealand Pinot Noir for a lighter red that produces deliciously smooth wines with ripe silky tannins and juicy red summer fruit. Best stored and served at around 15°C.


Storing your drinks at the perfect temperature at home is not easy, your main fridge is too cold to serve white wines at the optimal temperature to get the best of the flavours, room temperature will fluctuate which will ruin the flavours.

We've a variety of wine coolers from dual zone coolers, allowing you to store your red and white wine at different temperatures at the same time, to compact counter top coolers perfect for even the smallest of spaces.