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Is it just us, or has this year flown by?  Longer days and shorter nights will almost be here, which also leads to fun Easter celebrations.  Easter kick starts the family get together and the celebratory meals.  Whatever your Easter plans, Husky Lifestyle has some top tips for a great Easter:

Tip #1 – Stock up on Easter treats

Whether it's a traditional Easter cake, chocolate bunnies or just a handful of mini eggs it's good to have a selection on hand. If you've got the time to make some treats yourself great, but if not there's plenty of choices in the supermarkets. Kids will love them and we've never known a grown up to turn one down either! 

Tip #2 - Chill your drinks in advance

There's nothing worse than warm drinks. Invest in a dedicated Husky Mini Fridge or Drinks Cooler now and it will not only provide you with nicely cooled drinks on hand all Easter, it will ensure perfectly cooled drinks all year round. The only challenge you'll then face is keeping it filled!

Tip #3 - Plan your Easter egg hunt

Who doesn't enjoy an Easter egg hunt? Whether it's a few eggs or prizes hidden in your back garden or something at your local National Trust – you can't go wrong with this family activity. Great for all ages, it means that kids and grandparents can join in too.

Tip#4 – Enjoy yourself

It goes without saying, but above all it should be an enjoyable time for you. Take time out from the busy stresses of everyday life to sit, relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family.   The perfect way to do this is with a Husky Signature Wine Cooler.   The Husky HUS-ZY4-D-SS-26 combines Dual Zone storage of up to 26 x 75cl bottles with a contemporary slimline design and is available for around £329.99, exclusively from Currys.

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