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Here at Husky, we pride ourselves in knowing a thing or two about wine.  Whether you are a wine connoisseur or enjoy a nice bottle with Sunday lunch, the most important thing is that you enjoy your drink at it's best.

Storing your drinks at the perfect temperature at home is not easy.  Your main fridge is too cold to serve white wines to get the best of the flavours and fluctuating room temperatures can ruin red wine flavours.

We've put together some recommendations below on wine serving temperatures for the different wine types.  Husky would always recommend storing wine in a wine cooler, specifically designed to keep wine at optimum conditions.  

We've also included our suggestions for the best glass to pour it into and drink from.




Why not invest in a Husky Signature Wine Cooler?  This range includes single zone and dual zone coolers, (allowing you to store your red and white wine at different temperatures at the same time), with a temperature range of 5-22°C.  Made for wine lovers.