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The countdown to Mother’s Day has begun and time has come to start putting some thought into what you can buy her to make it extra special this year.

Research from the National Retail Federation discovered the 5 most common gifts that we spend our money on for Mother’s Day were:

- A meal out
- Jewellery
- Flowers
- Gift Cards
- Clothing & Accessories

All nice gifts and possibly what she might expect. So why not surprise her this year with a gift that is built to last? Husky Retail have a range of beautiful drinks coolers that will bring an air of indulgence and sophistication to any kitchen or dining room.

You may not think it is as meaningful or personal as one of the items on the list, but when your mum is still using it several years down the line, you know it will have been appreciated.

The drinks coolers come in a range of shapes and sizes with a choice of custom wine bottle shelving or standard and won’t break the bank with prices starting from £139.99.  

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