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It's nearly here, the start of the World Cup and the date that many football fans have been waiting for.  It’s the ideal occasion for friends to get together, for once all supporting the same team.

Here’s our tips for hosting a World Cup viewing party;

Tip #1 – Be prepared for key England matches

With 64 matches in total, you need to know the key ones….You can view the whole schedule here. The first England matches are Monday 18th June – Tunisia v England – 7pm, Sunday 24th June – England v Panama – 1pm and Thursday 28th June – England v Belgium – 7pm.

Tip #2 – Invest in a dedicated Husky drinks cooler or mini fridge

That way, it will already be filled and your drinks will be cooled when everyone arrives. No more trying to cool drinks at the last minute via ice buckets, garage floor or in the freezer for 10 minutes. Save yourself the stress and hassle and invest now. The best thing is that you won’t miss single bit of the action, as you can place the cooler right by the TV! 

Tip#3 – Serve themed, easy grab and go snacks

What's a game without some snacks to keep you and your guests going? Serve some of your favourites on a table right in front of the television, perfect for snacking and watching the game, all at the same time! Or why not even arrange a take away when it's an evening match, to maximise precious viewing time.

The good news is that one of England’s matches is on a Sunday. It’s an ideal excuse for a BBQ. Simple but pleasurable foods work well such as burgers, kebabs, sausages and chicken. It’s a fantastic way to end the day, hopefully with a celebratory drink in hand!

Tip #4 – Don’t forget the non-football fans!

For the non-football fans, set up an area outside to keep them away from the TV.  It could even work as a stress free zone for when the match gets too much. Clean the garden furniture, add some solar lights/candles and if you are really lucky, they might even start the BBQ for you!

Tip #5 – Add some extra fun!

Decorate with flags, start a sweepstake, create your own fantasy league or simply arrange a kick around in the garden at half time. A great way to release the stress before the game starts again!

Tip #6 –You’ve only got until the 11th August until the start of the Premier League…

We of course, wish England the best of luck and hope that their World Cup journey lasts for as long as possible.  But if this journey isn't as long as it could have been, console yourself with the thought that it's only a month until the main season starts.

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