Signature Wine Coolers

Wine Coolers made for wine lovers, A Energy rated, Husky Signature Wine Coolers, are packed with professional features, all designed to keep your wine collection in perfect condition, without the high end price.  

Whether you want to display your wine cooler as freestanding or in your kitchen as an undercounter, Husky has it covered with its contemporary design.  Wine lovers will appreciate the twin touch screen digital controllers if desired, which allow different wine types including red, white, rose and champagne to be stored in the same cooler but at the required temperature conditions. 

Checking those temperatures is simple thanks to the subtle blue LED displays and soft internal illumination, whilst the slide out shelves allow easy access.  The double-glazed locking door is fitted with anti-UV glass to help protect the wine. If you are concerned about odours affecting your collection, a replaceable charcoal filter will ensure optimal storage conditions.


Signature Wine Coolers Choice of Door Finish