Energy Label Reform

Understand the Energy Rating Changes

From 1st March 2021, new energy ratings will come into effect for refrigeration.

Prior to 1st March 2021, energy label ratings were A+++ to D. These will change to A to G. This is because the A+++ to A classes are overpopulated and need streamlining. Husky will strive to make the conversion process from the old labels to the new labels as straightforward as possible.

If an appliance was, for example A+ and is now F, it does not mean that the energy efficiency has ‘lowered’. It just means that the new energy rating scale is encouraging more advances in technology. Therefore, leaving room at the top for even more energy efficient appliances to be developed in the future.

The new energy labels will feature a QR code so that you can easily find out more energy details about a product.

You may find that the product will come with two energy labels with it. The only difference to these labels is the flags on the top left hand corner, as we operate in both GB and Ireland we need to show both labels since Brexit in January. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t affect how you use your product.

There will be some products that still have the old energy rating on as we can sell products that follow the old ratings until 1st December 2021.

For more detailed information about energy efficiency and usage then you can click on the fiche included on each product page.

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